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Vorhersage für heute, 2024/07/14: Summer weather with lots of sunshine
Vorhersage für heute, 2024/07/14
Allgemeine Wetterlage

South-westerly currents, the air masses will become drier.

Das Wetter heute

In the course of the day, the sky will be crossed by high clouds. Cumulus clouds will be mostly harmless, only single rain showers are possible.

Vorhersage für morgen, 2024/07/15: Lots of sun
Vorhersage für morgen, 2024/07/15
Allgemeine Wetterlage

High air pressure and a weak south-westerly flow will determine the weather.

Das Wetter morgen

There will be plenty of sunshine and few clouds on Monday. Isolated thundery showers are possible in the afternoon.

Vorschau auf die nächsten Tage: Summer weather
Cloudy, thunderstorm with moderate showerPartly cloudyCloudyPartly cloudy

Tuesday will begin with plenty of sunshine. However, larger cumulus clouds will form and thunderstorms can be expected during the afternoon. Wednesday will continue quite sunny with a few clouds, but there will be a few thundery showers in the second half of the day. Thursday will bring summer weather as well. Lots of sunshine at first, but then a few thunderstorms again. On Friday, temperatures will rise, the sun will shine frequently and, from today's perspective, the weather will be stable.

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